The organisation of extra curricular adventure holidays, expeditions and experiences are certainly an important part of Character First’s offer, but our approach is to take a holistic look at each school’s individual needs and tailor our service accordingly.

Introduction to Services

Each school will have its own set of values and we will always seek to incorporate these into our recommended activities. It will almost certainly start with a review of the school and its objectives. In addition to expeditions and experiences, we may recommend adopting our Character Measurement System, Staff Training, Role Modelling and trips to support the core curriculum.


Procurement Platform

Character First can procure almost any provision for less than the school can. In a busy and full character development programme of trips and visits, these savings could be utilised to counter the Character-First service charge.

Risk Management

Value through effective Risk Management: Protecting your school or MAT against risk needs to go much deeper than reporting trips and visits on to a database. Having a certified 3rd party verifying Risk Assessments, one that can provide 24/7 support network that gives professional – real-time advice and updates goes a long way further, deeper and broader than the old Local Authority. Character-First will even provide administration support to lighten the admin burden on schools in organising character enrichment programmes.

Risk Management many schools have limited resources for risk management. We have a simple system for supporting risk assessment and compliance for supervision ratios, emergency procedure and related requirements.

Grants & Funding

We work with a professional team who can bid for grants and funds for a multitude of different school character programmes.