Welcome to our exciting experiences programme designed with you in mind, developed from our deep understanding of character development and wealth of experience of creating a happy, successful learning environment for your learners to take flight and to achieve their highest potential.


One of the key strengths of Character Firsts’ offer is the breadth and scope of programmes available.

This effectively means that a mix of activities and initiatives can be devised to cater for the needs of each school, focusing on the issues within their community. This can range from finding in-school role models, to engaging in such things as apprenticeships and career advice, to emotional resilience and pupil-to-pupil supervision, to curriculum supporting trips. Journeys, expeditions and experiences range from farm trips to trekking in the Himalayas, and they are all organised and managed by Character First’s experienced team of experts. The character development benefits of each activity are logged on the bespoke Character Measurement System (CMS) for each learner to reflect on their progress and work towards awards based on the school’s values and character education.

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