Mayflower 400 Voyage

In 1620, the Mayflower set sail with 120 passengers and 30 crew from Plymouth to Massachusetts. 400 events on both sides of the Atlantic are taking place in 2020 to mark the 400th anniversary of the original voyage. This voyage is the flagship event for the Mayflower 400 celebrations.

44 enterprising students aged between 16-18 are going to make up the “Mayflower Challengers” from schools across the UK to charter a modern-day tall ship across the Atlantic following the path of the original sailors.

This fresh and challenging experience will nourish resilience, confidence, self- esteem and ultimately build the determination to pursue more successes, to behave better, to work harder and win the affirmation and respect of peers. This shift in character and mindset enables them to embrace a whole set of life skills.

Students who are interested, who are currently in year 10, 11 and 12 now so will
all have completed their GCSEs at time of voyage, will be asked to complete an application form.
They will go through selection and training before embarking on the 6-week voyage on Blue Clipper.

Once in America there may be the opportunity to also visit the schools of the American students and take part in a programme of events.

During the voyage schools who have students acting as ambassadors on board will be tracking Blue Clipper’s voyage, involving around 25,000 students in the project. Once challengers return to school they will share their experiences and stories which will impact their peers and friends.