Here is a sample of the clients we have proudly worked alongside to help deliver Character First…

“From 309 pupils who attended, 82% said that they learnt to work better as a team.”
EXPERIENCE: Bushcraft Day, Beauchamp Academy
“During the Sessions with our impressive visitor, which were recommended and seamlessly organised by Character-First it is clear that the interactions with many of our students had the positive impact that we had hoped for.

The sessions opened their minds to a new way of thinking and conversing…this mindset is not only new to many of our students, it is also essential.

The impact, however, has not only been limited to our students and the impression made upon our teachers is also tangible.”

EXPERIENCE: Emotional Health Sessions, Steven Miles (Headteacher), Daubeney Academy;
“Character-First is right, it was more than just a ski trip and saying thank you does not seem enough. He has grown as a person, made new friends and has memories and skills to take with him into adult life.”
EXPERIENCE: Ski Trip, Challenger Multi Academy Trust Ski Trip, Parent of pupil from Lancot Challenger Academy
“I just wanted to say, unequivocally, that I don’t think I’ve ever had such a rewarding day out as I had today. My children were challenged, forced to be resilient, grateful for the opportunity and hugely proud of their achievements…

I wanted to tell you that your (CF Co-ordinator and team) hard work paid off more than you can know for the children of Warren’s learning experiences, and indeed, life chances in the future.”

EXPERIENCE: L.E.A.D. Enterprise Day, Teacher, Warren Primary School

The recently introduced character-management tool makes leaders and staff extremely well placed to gain an understanding of the exact impact of this work.”

EXPERIENCE: Character Measurement System, Leigh UTC - Following the Character Measurement system being installed and supported by Character-First in school, Ofsted reported;

“I have learnt that I can do anything that I want to as long as I believe in myself and I hope this confidence grows to help me at school and in the rest of my life.”

“Being on this trip has taught me that if I ever want something in life, I have to fight for it.”

“I feel a sense of pride and independence.”

“Before I was a bit shy, didn’t ask questions but now I’m definitely more confident, able to make more friends, really more confident…because some of the things I’ve done over the past days I never thought I could do.”

“I think I was a bit shy in asking for help…but I think now that I can know how to look for help, and I can ask for help, and I’ve got a better relationship with my peers and teachers, it is going to be easier.”

Pupils’ Comments:
“…we love being involved in these off-site activities which Character-First designed to inspire and engage our pupils and enrich their learning. It is these events and activities that the children will remember in years to come.”
EXPERIENCE: Large Scale Events - 12 x Primaries, Year 5 teacher, Huntingdon Academy

“He (student) gets up much earlier before school and goes to bed earlier (before, he got up last minute and went to bed late after socialising with his peers).

He is revising for his mock exams by choice and knows what he wants to do after completing his GCSEs and for the first time, is career focused.

He is a lot more confident in himself and making decisions

He is spending time after school to do extra school work or catch up.”

EXPERIENCE: Himalayas Expedition, Mother of student from The Deanes Academy; Immediate impact after the trip

“A fantastic day of teambuilding.”

“A great break from the pressures of SATs. So good to see the children enjoying themselves.”

EXPERIENCE: Large Scale STEM Day:, L.E.A.D Academy Trust

“it was exciting and allowed many of our more practical children to broadcast their talents, and for others to try out activities that they hadn’t before, so all in all a really positive experience…the children felt confident and showed a high retention of the routines and lyrics that they had learnt…”

EXPERIENCE: Large Scale Performing Arts Taster Day:, Year 3 teacher, Sycamore Academy

“All the children were buzzing…
the children had a great time and their mental maths skills were tested.”

EXPERIENCE: PI Day Workshop (onsite), Teacher, Grace Darling Academy; The volunteer who Character-First sourced to deliver an interactive workshop for the pupils had a great impact on their learning.

“These pupils, who had either been bullying or disrupting classes, were really listening and engaged; teachers were extremely pleased with the pupils’ involvement and responses.”

EXPERIENCE: Boxing Classes for disengaged students, A series of high-value boxing sessions for a group of Year 8 students was suggested and set up by Character-First in response to the need for these students to develop their levels of discipline and respect.