Character First Experience of Character Development
Character First believes that all children are entitled to a curriculum that provides experiences and situations to allow them to develop a set of ethical underpinnings, well-honed traits of resilience, kindness and tolerance and most importantly, an open mind.

Character-First believes that all children are entitled to a curriculum that provides experiences and situations to allow them to develop a set of ethical underpinnings, well-honed traits of resilience, kindness and tolerance and most importantly, an open mind.

Character-First’s learning outside the classroom, extra-curricular activities, expeditions and well being programmes link into accredited curriculum and leadership programmes that allow children to embrace challenge and raise expectations of themselves and their schools, building confidence and self- esteem. Ultimately this leads to better engagement with the education system, raising their academic achievement levels, improving employment opportunities and supporting social mobility.

Character-First’s role is to introduce, promote and evaluate successful and innovative character development programmes with appropriate rewards for participants as they progress. This is strongly influenced by the Department for Education’s policy to encourage more ‘character education’ in every young person’s learning.

We procure and organise a vast range of programmes which can either contextualise the curriculum and/or introduce students to new extra-curricular activities. All these programmes also enable students to gain and develop their own personal qualities which support both their academic and social achievements.

How Success is Achieved

  • Improve coordination, consolidation and consistency of existing provision
  • Provide support for trips and visit compliance via risk management
  • Maximise educational content and financial value
  • Save teachers time and money
  • Access to a range of innovative programmes, many at low or no cost
  • Grow depth and breadth of capacity to deliver a world-class extra-curricular programme
  • Achieve economies of scale
  • Increase cooperation between schools of all types

How it works

Before the introduction of any of our programmes, a review is carried out with your staff so that we can fully understand your aims and objectives and tailor bespoke programmes to fit around both curriculums and the needs of learners.

This review can take the form of workshops and staff engagement to understand the particular issues facing the school. We will also investigate the opportunities for funding programmes through any grants and subsidies that may be available, as well as fundraising initiatives for expeditions and trips.

Our Character Measurement System can be tailored to the school’s needs and set up prior to the implementation of agreed programmes. This is a reflective learning programme based on your school values. These values are collated together into an Award based around your school ethos, giving the learners something to strive towards throughout their school life. It is a cost effective tool that provides the starting point and continuous link between the learner, the programmes and their journey towards success.

Character First can facilitate, organise and manage the activities and programmes, but success ultimately comes from collaboration and teamwork. Collaborators can include headteachers, teaching staff, support staff, pupils, parents or those in the wider community

All our programmes include staff training where required and because they are tailored to the needs of the school, they will complement and fit around the teaching curriculum and timetables.

Character First provides each school with their own local Service Co-ordinator who will run and monitor programmes. The CF head office team will carry out all necessary research, organise and book all activities in liaison with your service co-ordinator, freeing up teaching and admin staff to concentrate on everyday school life.

Wherever possible, guest speakers and those who visit the school to fulfil programmed events will be sourced from the local community, for example, local businesses can be a great resource for careers and apprenticeship advice. People who specialise in specific areas are welcomed into the school to share their expertise and experience of their roles. This helps the children to obtain a deeper understanding of the world outside their immediate surroundings. Community service projects can be designed and co-ordinated to involve and address issues that are pertinent to the local area. Character First will spend time researching your local area to make programmes as relevant as possible.

How we can help…



Ideal for groups of schools, MATs, Education Partnerships and LAs.



All our services available to individual schools as pay as you go options.



Empower staff with programmes to enhance curriculum and charactere reward schemes.